Julkaisu: Björn Forsén & Antti Lampinen (eds.), Oriental Mirages. Stereotypes and identity creation in the Ancient World

Franz Steiner Verlag on julkaissut sarjassaan ’Oriens et Occidens: Studien zu antiken Kulturkontakten und ihrem Nachleben’ artikkelikokoelman Oriental Mirages: Stereotypes and Identity Creation in the Ancient World (eds. Björn Forsén & Antti Lampinen). Kirja perustuu vuonna 2019 Suomen Ateenan-instituutissa pidettyyn kollokvioon aiheeltaan ‘Creating and Strengthening Identities: Greek and Roman Stereotypes of the East’.

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Björn Forsén / Antti Lampinen, ’Barbarians and Empire: Greek and Roman Conceptions of the East’
Joseph Skinner, ’‘Greeks in the Making?’ Early Greek Mercenary Service, Stereotypes and Identity-Formation’
Kostas Vlassopoulos, ’The Barbarian Repertoire and its Visual Stereotypes around 500 BC: Revisiting the Main Issues’
Thomas Harrison, ’Greek Religion and the Other’
Elina Pyy, ’Gratuitous Sex and Senseless Violence? The Oriental Queen as the Absolute Other’
Omar Coloru, ’Indians in the Graeco-Roman World: A Stereotype of Otherness’
Antti Lampinen, Galatae between Northern and Eastern Stereotypes
Methods, Motives and Motifs of ‘Orientalisation’
Jasmin Lukkari, ’Stereotypes, Cultural Identities and Code-Switching
Polybius’ and Livy’s Portrayals of Antiochus IV’
Dominique Lenfant, ’A Persian Seraglio in a Greek Novel? Chariton’s Callirhoe and Modern Stereotypes on the Orient’
Antti Lampinen, ’Explaining the East: Forming and Applying Eastern Stereotypes in the Graeco-Roman Tradition’