Rick Bonnie

Rick Bonnie

Organisaatio: Helsingin yliopisto

Nimeke ja/tai oppiarvo: University Lecturer in Museology, Docent in Archaeology


I am University Lecturer in Museology in the Department of Cultures at the University of Helsinki, where I teach on museum history, collection work, and community engagement, among other things. My research interests include museum and heritage ethics, object biographies, decolonisation and provenance issues, museum collection histories, and sensory archaeology.

I am a founding member of the Centre of Excellence in Ancient Near Eastern Empires (2018-25), as well as steering committee member in the Una Europa focus area on Cultural Heritage and in the Helsinki Insitute of Sustainability Sciences.

I am trained as a classical archaeologist at the universities of Leiden (MA 2008) and Leuven (PhD 2014), with a focus on the archaeology of the Roman Middle East and cultural heritage management. I hold a docentship in Archaeology from the University of Helsinki (2021).

Languages of communication with the media: English